Winter Holiday Unplugged

What was life like before phones existed? It's difficult to remember when we were younger and a house phone that used to ring. If we were home, we would answer it without knowing who was on the other line. Now we are given so much opportunity to choose whether or not we want to answer based on our mood (or who is on the caller ID). We've grown up in a world where we always know if there's wi-fi or service.  We always have our phones.  It seems like an era without them was a lifetime ago, but it wasn't.  We used to spend time just experiencing the moment as it happened. This is long overdue, but I went to the mountains during my winter holiday and there was absolutely no phone service. I spent the entire trip being forced to make conversation without having my phone as a back-up when I felt 'bored' and it was amazing.

It makes me wonder... has the quality of our lives changed now that we always have something to be focused on?  Have people lost the beauty of a true organic conversation?  Sometimes I find myself really frustrated with other people (or even with myself) on how much the phone is present. Try and spend your entire day without your phone.  Could you even do it?  There are days where I just want to get up and head back to that mountain house and just be unreachable.  A concept that we used to have access to everyday and it's disappeared just like that. Everyone that knows me can vouch that I'm the last person to answer phone calls or text messages, but I think it's because I miss being unreachable.
I can't even remember the last time I played Scrabble? I mean who has after Words with Friends came out?