My 'Place' | Charlotte, NC

Ever since I moved away from Charleston, I've had such a hard time finding 'my place'.  A place where I can go and get that homey feeling that I get when I go to my parents house. A place that I felt was built just for me.  When I was living in Charleston, so many places felt like home to me: most coffee shops, small restaurants, the beach, and even the streets.  As I began my transition from a laid back to an up-beat lifestyle, it was hard to find a place that still gave me the calming sense that I felt at all of the places I went to in Charleston.  After the Panthers lost the Superbowl, I felt extremely drained that Monday morning.  I had driven back from Columbia early and everyone I knew was upset.  It was a beautiful day outside, but there was a cloud hanging over the entire city.  One of my morning appointments cancelled, so I headed over to a little place called The Gallery... and that my friends, is when I found my place.
I walked into the building and sunlight was beaming through the doors.  Everything was white and sweet smells of coffee & dessert filled the entire place.  It was quiet and there were only 2 people eating their lunch separately and just enjoying their time alone.  I instantly fell in love and as I was waiting to order, Elton John was playing in the background.  If I wasn't sold already, at that moment I was. I sat there for 3 hours. I had molten lava cake and a cappuccino, and I felt a small piece of my heart settle for Charlotte. I was happy, I wasn't in Charleston, and I felt like I had found a place here that finally understood me.