Five Things

{Casual outfits + Nikes}
I'm going through a weird phase right now.  I usually rant on here about how busy I am, but that feeling isn't quite the word I'm looking for to describe the past few weeks.  It almost feels as if I'm lazier and I'm not sure if it's an overload of things going on or if it's just something I've developed as of recently.  Nevertheless, I find myself having lots of ideas but never quite enough motivation to push them through.  I guess we all have those days (or weeks....) sometimes.  Since it's the end of the week, I found it fitting to share some things that have stood out to me in the midst of these few weeks... including the fact that I'm starting to wear Nike's with my casual outfits.  My husband isn't a big fan-- he thinks that athletic wear should be worn when doing something athletic, but if I'm walking around town then that is about as close to athleticism as I'm going to get. And plus, they are super comfortable.

{My love for Natalie's has grown as I'm coming up with recipes to use them 
in spring and summer drinks. So excited to feel the warm weather once again}
{I've been looking for rugs to accompany my office, and I haven't been having any luck.  This rug from KK Bloom Boutique is exactly what I've been looking for... if I can just find out where they got it from}
{A few Sunday's ago I made these zaatar breakfast twists. 
They are so easy, & they'll be up on here soon. Stay tuned...}
 {Everything I've been eyeing now-a-days are a shade of blush pink.
It's the perfect addition to my neutral palette.
PS: cappuccino by Not Just Coffee // OPI 'Be There in a Prosecco' on my nails}