Conversation Heart Cookies

A couple of years ago (when I was still living in Charleston) I baked these beautiful sugar cookies for Valentine's Day. I never got around to sharing them because I got into a car accident on the way to work and spent the rest of the week recovering.  I reassured myself that I would share them the next Valentine's Day, but got overwhelmed with my wedding.  They say things happen for a reason, and I'm thinking that the reason I never shared them before is so all of you could make them this year. So here you have it, my beautiful conversation heart cookies that I got so many compliments on two years ago from my valentines.
I like to decorate my cookies using squirt bottles.
My favorite royal icing recipe can be found here 
If you can find meringue powder (William's Sonoma has it)
then that works even better as a substitute to egg whites.   
Once you get your royal icing made, divide them into different bowls
and add a few drops of the different colors you'd like on your cookies.
Fill your squirt bottles and set them aside.
So I'm not going to lie. I'm not a huge fan of sugar cookies.  I love how pretty they look, and how you can transform them into art but it's hard for me to find a sugar cookie that I enjoy eating.  When I began making sugar cookies, I tested at least 6 recipes, and finally found the one that I will eat. It's chewy, and it's so good. You can find the recipe here.
(leave out the white sugar at the end)
(img src
Once they are done baking, let them cool and then you can have fun decorating! I use a technique called "flooding" which means you outline the shape of the cookie and use the tip of the bottle to fill in the lines.
Once the icing dries, you can start to add the words on them. I left the mini hearts blank and sprinkled some crystal sprinkles to make them shine.
Your valentine will take so many pictures, because they are so pretty in pictures.
And then they will thank you because you made a beautiful and delicious cookie.
Happy Valentine's Day!