Carolina Panthers Milkshake

Thank God it's Friday! I had a surprisingly long week and was anticipating the end of it all week long. I've been getting super excited for the Super Bowl! Every year my parents throw a Super Bowl gathering where we invite our loved ones and watch the game all together.  Well now that my family's team is IN the Super Bowl, our party has doubled in size and we are just so stoked! We are expecting a possible food hangover for Monday, but it will all be totally worth it.  With that said, I woke up brainstorming a few options for some home made desserts to contribute to the event, and after getting some gram-spiration (that's my made up word for Instagram inspiration) I decided to make this to-die-for milkshake. Yes, it tastes WAY better than it looks, and I know, it looks damn good. It's so easy to make so I decided I'd share.
I decided I wanted to make a cookies & cream milkshake, but bought store bought vanilla ice cream (Haagen Dazs is my favorite) and added my cookies for those of you who don't like cookies and cream 
(if those people exist)
Now, for my one mason jar mug I used an entire pint but that's because I like my milkshakes a little thicker.  As you're blending you add milk if you prefer them to be thinner.
I've been so obsessed with the new Oreo thins.  
I added 6 with a splash of milk & a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Blend! 
Check the consistency (thinner = more milk) & put it in the freezer
I melted some Godiva white chocolate chips and crushed a few of the cookies & dipped the rim in both. Make sure you run to the freezer to guarantee that it sets while you make the rest.
Now for the blue which I had to experiment with a few times. 
I used the Neon McCormick's blue and added about 7 drops.
I blended just until I saw a blue swirl.
The best part about this entire milkshake other than Haagen Dazs, Oreos, and Godiva (which is everything so far) is the addition of a coconut Panthers doughnut from our local Duck Donuts.  For those of you who don't have one around, any doughnut will do. Krispy Kreme usually has something similar! I also bought a Hershey's cookie and cream bar.
Get the stuff out of the freezer and add the milkshake into the mason jar.  Throw in some more cookies as you pour! I mean why not we already killed the whole calorie intake anyway.
^^Favorite part: add the doughnut. And love every second of it^^
 Go Panthers! Keep (eating!) Pounding!