The Happiness Project: Web Videos

I'm not going to lie, I really dislike watching web videos.  When we were growing up my brother and sister used to spend hours just watching videos together on their phones.  Every time they would want to share a "hysterical" video with me, I usually would just crack a smile and move on.  Til this day, my sister continues to make fun of me for not having a "stimulating sense of humor" but I only found certain things funny and was never easily amused unless they were meaningful (i.e. interviews, talk shows, inspirational, etc.) There are some rare occasions where I will come across one or two and replay them over & over again.  There have been times where I've watched a clip and have laughed so hard where my stomach would ache.  That is what I'm featuring today as I continue with The Happiness Project. Below you will find a video that I once watched over and over again because it made me laugh so much. 
Do you have a web video that cracks you up?