Super Bowl Bound

Yesterday! Yesterday was a beautiful day because the Carolina Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship 49-15. This win means so much more to my family that I will ever be able to explain especially to my brother, father, and sister. We've always been a Carolina Panther family, but I always believed that this team was made for my little brother (both est. in 1995). No matter what season, amazing or terrible, my dad, brother, and sister were there through it all (yes, even in 2001).  We used to make trips to Charlotte so they could watch terrible games, feeling defeated, but stayed loyal until their rise once again. We spent yesterday watching the thrilling game in the stadium with H and the rest of my family, and it was a great day.  We won, we are going to the SUPER BOWL, and I got to spend time with so many people I love at such a monumental game.  Now, bring on the huge party, excessive screaming, and the love for football the Panthers that brings us all together again. I can't wait for February 7th! Hopefully Peyton Manning will play in the Super Bowl like he did in 2014? (ouch? sorry Broncos fans?) GO PANTHERS!

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