Five Things

{Obsessed with Natalie's - Orange Mango & Honey Tangerine} 
Things have been getting super busy around here lately.  I'm working full-time, free-lance writing for scoop charlotte, planning things for my best friend's wedding, blogging, and trying to get some rest in as much as possible.  After my NYE trip to Vegas I've been feeling one step & 3 hours of sleep behind everyday I wake up.  You know, science has proven that if you sleep before midnight then your body and brain will trick itself into getting double the sleep you're actually getting.  That would explain a lof of my restlessness. I haven't been able to fall asleep before 12:30-1 lately (I think my husband is rubbing off on me).  Regardless, I like to find the beauty in the days that don't seem quite as beautiful on the outside as they should be.  With that said, here are five things.
{Lots of photo shoots lately (big giveaway coming up!) but how beautiful is this 2-tone faux fur stole? I have to tell you, I've been eyeing it for sometime from Anthropologie and when I finally got the courage to buy a $70 stole, I went in and it was on sale for $25! Lucky day, right?}
Faux fur cowl // similar jacket

{I've been reverting back to my Biscoff & peach toast. It's to die for delicious}
{I love Wednesdays because of my trips to Atherton Mill & MarketBookout blooms always has the best flowers for the most affordable prices}
{An all pink sunset. Because sunsets and sunrises should always be given a moment just to appreciate}