A Long December

Isn't it ironic that I don't have any religious holiday coming up, but I'm still missing being home for the holidays? For the past 8 years I always found a way home during Christmas time.  Granted, I was in school for all of those years and the second we were allowed to leave for winter break I always traveled back to Columbia.  For some reason not being home for the month of December has hit me the hardest this year.  I've been getting Snapchats from all of my friends with their families or with their friends from college and high school.  Now I know Columbia isn't that far away, and some of you may be thinking "I don't understand why she just doesn't go home", but honestly it still isn't the same. I went home last weekend and stayed the night at my parents in my bed alone, and one day there doesn't do it any justice.  The days I miss are the ones where I wake up in the morning, drink coffee, have friends over, watch movies all day, and make s'mores by the fire pit at night.  Those are the days that remind me of December.  As I make this transition from one city to another (& one tradition to another) I keep on reminding myself that those memories are not gone.  Sometimes I find myself getting really emotional & I start irrationally thinking that they will never come back again. I'm thankful to my husband and my parents who constantly ground me and remind me that every memory I love once started as a new one.  Home is never too far away.

Happy Holidays! xx