Why You Should Absolutely Wear White After Labor Day

You know that saying, "Black don't crack?" Well, in my opinion, white don't crack either. Living in the south, southern ladies and gentlemen always followed the fashion faux-pas of absolutely "no white after labor day." Yes, we all know that Labor Day is the last solid gratitude of a summer holiday before the leaves fade to autumnal colors and as the heat index decreases, but that doesn't mean that the crisp cool hues of whites have to exit with them. Just like black, white all year round should be a staple element incorporated into your closets as well. Whether it be with your accessories, or as simple as a clean button down, many elements of fall can be included with whites without making it look too season based. You can pair your whites with fall staples like leather jackets or find that statement white mini dress for an all white winter party without breaking any rules. And if you do break the rules, at least your breaking them fashionably.

During the F/W'16 previews at fashion week, we saw plenty of white gallivanting on the runways from the likes of Kenzo and BCBG Max Azria. If the experts are showcasing the bold and the beautiful that is white world wide, then we know that the trend of white all year round is planted in the history of fashion eternally. So let's review reasons why and how we can execute this mantra in our closets starting today.

1). White complements all skin tones, therefore use it to your advantage 
White does not limit to certain colors of skin. Some people may claim that if they are "pasty pale" in the dead of winter that white isn't the most flattering of colors... but then again, do you have to have an African American skin tone to wear black? I didn't think so. Let's make white a universal color in the same measures that we have created black in the same manner.

2). Fabrications are not an exaggeration
White in sweet summertime is represented by linens and seersuckers. White in fall and wintertime can be transitioned into high gear with cozy cable knits like ribbed turtlenecks, twill trousers and classic corduroys for a different outlook. Choose your fabrications wisely!

3). Staples and Statements
As mentioned earlier, a chic leather jacket is generally a fall staple for the fashion fabulous. You can mix your fall staples with statement pieces or if you don't have a staple leather jacket, take that risk and buy a cream leather jacket or trench coat. White statement over pieces can be blended with olive or neutral pantones or can be double layered over other shades of white.



4). White is cleaner and more sophisticated
White is like an art; a delicate color that can act as your canvas. You could wear the baggiest item of clothing (i.e., a piko top or wide leg trousers) in a shade of white and it still look the cleanest of all garments. For the fashion conscious, your accessories can play a big role in adding color pops if you are still a little bashful about utilizing your whites. A multi pattern scarf with bold colors can add so much dimension to your white palette, still creating a clean look. White on white is also super edgy and trend forward if you want to go big.

5). Don't let "white" define white
Some times the word "white" scares people. But there's no need to fret because it doesn't have to be so literal. For the color conscious, not every shade of white is so stark like your summer skinny jeans. You can layer up in ivories, off-whites and pristine shades.

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