Weekend Update + ICYMI

What do you guys think about these sunglasses? I'm still debating if I should buy them or not. I always have trouble deciding what kind of sunglasses go with my face shape. Anyways, it's Friday (already, and again!) I guess that's a pretty good thing, right? What are everyone's plans this weekend? Honestly, I'm looking to take it a little easy... I have a date with my sister tomorrow morning to chit chat & enjoy the morning with doughnuts.  Other than that, everything is really TBD.  I do have some special things planned starting this evening and trickling over to next week (some announcements, some *GIVEAWAYS*) which are always really exciting. I wanted to go back and re-post some of my photos from this week which are all on my instagram page ICYMI.. especially because my giveaways stem from my instagram.  You want to follow along so you don't miss it this time!
Flowers of Charlotte is located in the Park Selwyn shopping center here in Charlotte. I always love getting my flowers from there ESPECIALLY on Friday because they do a BOGO on each stem (I bought the most beautiful bouquet by the way).
I feel like this photo has 1,000 words. Rice krispy treats ft. fruity pebbles & lucky charms. I bought both as a midweek snack from Owen's Bagel & Deli and I must say that all of my childhood dreams came true (& I was listening to Backstreet Boys when I tried them).
Here's another reason to talk about my favorite coffee place in town; Not Just Coffee which has two locations in Charlotte (uptown & southend). Their fall spice latte is EVERYTHING. I've said it over and over again, but it's so refreshing to have a fall spice latte actually use fall spices (cardamom, all spice, cinnamon) in their sugar vs. flavored syrup. And their latte art is wonderful.
True life: I'm wearing these right now. My new favorite socks from Bath & Body Works.
Why you should absolutely wear white after Labor Day - written by my sister