My first ever Friendsgiving was on Saturday, and I must say it was a success! The girls and I decided to get together to nibble on a few of our dishes (& take photos of it of course) on the rooftop where we got to sit and catch up on new things in our life.  The rest of the group decided to head over after they got off work in the evening & that's when we continued to fully eat our meal and indulge in our desserts.  It may have been a small get together, but just like friends, quality over quantity is what matters. Not to mention, we tried Izze Sparkling Juice for the first time ever and absolutely fell in love with it. Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! I hope you all find this time spent with family and friends as something to be immensely grateful for. Although I will be away from my immediate family this year, I'm so lucky to have another one who is welcoming me with open arms. I am so extremely blessed, right!? الحَمْد لله
 Below you will find what was on our Friendsgiving table, and the links to the recipes we used!
Cornish Hen // Green Beans Almondine // Kale & Cabbage Salad // Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes // Garlic Mashed Potatoes // Cabot Mac & Cheese (zaatar added) // Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls