Weddings with a Permanent+1

Ever since we got married in May, we have attended 3 weddings together (invited to 6!) and it's such a different experience to go to a wedding with someone you are already married to. It's almost like having a secret.  Married couples who have had weddings know what it takes to pull off such a big event.  They've been there with the vendors, and the flowers, and the decorations, so the perspective of being in attendance is significantly different- almost to the point where each aspect of the wedding is even more appreciated.  My plus ones before were always my sister, but now I am no longer Dania + 1.  I am a "& Mrs." on wedding invitations! That's still so weird for me to realize. I never gave myself the opportunity to let that sink in. So here is to more weddings with this one, and saying goodbye to the dreadful (and sometimes painful) idea of plus ones.  I will not have to face that decision as often as I did before! And for that, I am grateful.

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