Today, I miss Charleston

I woke up this morning and looked outside.  It has been so yucky here for the past week (with all of the hurricane drama going on) and we only saw sunshine for a brief moment a few days ago.  As I was doing some cleaning, I decided to call one of my closest friends in Charleston just to catch up/get updated on what had been happening since I left.  After I hung up the phone I got kind of sad.  It was a mixture of emotions, actually.  I was sad because I missed my friend, but I was also missing the feeling of physically being in Charleston. As I was at work yesterday I received a text message from The College of Charleston stating that classes were to be cancelled due to the rain. It was weird knowing that the text had nothing to do with me... and it was also odd to realize that an over pour of rain reminded me of that city.  It's always portrayed in the most beautiful light, almost to the point where it is synonymous with sunshine. People are always on the beach or crossing over the beautiful bridge, but the floods are almost as common as the sun.  So as I look out my window today (TGIF) I am reminded of my old home and how much I miss it.  It has been one of the first times since I moved here that I really felt what it was like to be without out it. Thankfully, this new city has been wonderful to me and knowing it's the weekend has already made my day better.