The Happiness Project: Favorite Smells

Coffee. Of course.
How was everyone's weekend? I'm starting to notice that my weekends are almost just as busy as my weekdays lately.  They are jam packed with events or social gatherings and it's making it almost impossible to take a day just to do absolutely nothing (sometimes it's great, other times..). Last night for example we drove back to Charlotte from Columbia to visit my parents and by the time we got home we fell onto the bed as if we hadn't slept in days.  Then I remembered that I needed to bake a cake for a dinner party we have tonight after work so I woke up really early and started to bake (the cake is in the oven right now as I am typing). These are the moments where I like to add to the happiness project. When I'm feeling kind of weird about things and I'm not sure whether I'm sad or tired or just worn out.  Talking about this kind of stuff really shifts my perspective on everything, and today it was triggered by the wonderful smell of the cinnamon streusel cake in my oven. It's crazy that a smell can actually do that to us.  Make us smile even if it's just for a brief moment.  That's when I started thinking, what are some of my other favorite smells?
Cinnamon anything.
Streusel, biscuits, anything. 
These take me back to so many different places. My first house, my childhood, and even to Jordan. 
Infused olive oil.  Especially when it's infused with garlic.
Here is a DIY tutorial!

Clean towels and sheets.  
There have been a couple times where my husband has found me sleeping in the pile of clean laundry on the floor in the middle of folding them up.
This one is probably universal.  I could be so full and the second someone makes popcorn, I instantly feel like snacking on some. 

What are some of your favorites?

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