Five Things

The most beautiful roses to match our fall themed house
(I bought 2 bouquets. One for my house and one as a gift)
It's Wednesday (hummmmpp dayyyyyy!) and I've already spent the first half of the week working and going to dinner parties.  Dinner parties in my life means I've been baking a lot! I actually made a toasted coconut pound cake yesterday (those of you who know me well, I was scared to death making a pound cake), but it didn't turn out too badly! I should be sharing the recipe in the next couple of days.  The rest of the week's agenda consists of prepping for a Halloween-filled weekend and one of my best friend's is coming to town to visit.  Also, my sister-in-laws birthday is coming up so with all of that going on, I see more baking in my near future.  Let's just get through the rest of the week, how does that sound? I've been sleeping so hard lately because of how exhausted I am.  (The weather doesn't help much either...) Here are five things:
Joe's Doughs is a small business here in Charlotte that doesn't have a store front (YET!) and shares their doughnuts around the city via pop up shops at other businesses.  Pictured above is a sweet potato + marshmallow donut and a pumpkin pie cake with sage brown butter. 
I've been living in my Charles David shoes lately.  These are the most comfortable pumps I own. 
Shop this post: Necklace // White Pumps
Spent Sunday at home and watched the Panthers WIN in the final moments of the game.  Afterwards, sage tea and hookah in front of the fire.
And finally, my husband's Nutella, Ferroro Rocher, birthday cake because I didn't share it before.
It was delicious.