Fall Bucket List

(This picture was taken 3 years ago!!)
WHAT! October 1st?! Seriously when did August and September happen? I literally woke up this morning and was in some state of shock.  October is a very special month for so many reasons. First off, I love Halloween. The idea of candy and costumes just screams fun.  Second, my love for pumpkins and pecans could not possibly get any higher than it is and October is like the final push of permission to start using them in everything.  The reason I love this month the most though is because it is my lovely husbands' birth month, and this birthday is a significant one for us because it is the first of his since we've been married.  I'm struggling with birthday ideas too by the way.  It's hard to top the gift he gave to me (an entire weekend in Charleston with my favorite people) so the brainstorming has begun because the day is creeping up on us.  Clearly I need some help with organization in my life because I couldn't even believe it was October, so I've decided to put together a fall bucket list so that I can make sure I do everything I want to this season.

  1. Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls
I love cinnamon rolls. Unfortunately for me my best friend that lives all the way in Wisconsin is the only one that shares my love for pumpkin.  I might just have to make these when she comes to visit in late October. By the way, Pillsbury has made a can of pumpkin spice rolls for those who are baking handicapped.
2. Begin the Harry Potter marathon 
My husband and I have been talking about watching all of the Harry Potter's in order for the last 3 years. I think it's time.
3. Bake Oreo Doughnuts
I've never made donuts before, but every time I get on Pinterest I see these and I'm like WHEN WILL I MAKE THESE BEAUTIFUL DONUTS.
4. Decorate home in white pumpkins
I always add a little fall to my house, but this year I'm going for the neutral look. 
5. Take a hayride
Fortunately for me, Charlotte has a lot of options with going on scary vs. not scary ones.

6. Make my favorite soup, again.
Ever since I made my roasted tomato + garlic grilled cheese soup I've been waiting for the day to come around where it's cold enough to make it again. See recipe here.
7.  Scarowinds
How can someone live right near the border of the Carolina's and not head out to Scarowinds?