Duck Donuts | Charlotte, NC

For those of you who have been reading for a while, I converted to donuts about a year and half ago when I had the most amazing oatmeal donut from Doughnut Plant in NYC.  I was always a cupcake/cookie kind of girl until my visits to New York, and since those days my sister and I have been searching for a good place near us in the Carolina's that could fill our cravings for doughnuts. Well, Duck Donuts has opened up down the street from me.  The nice thing about this place is that it was created because there were no good doughnut places around (what a coincidence...) AND they are made fresh to order! You actually get to watch the process of the doughnut being made (like Krispy Kreme) but with the options of mixing toppings to come up with your own creation.  My favorite is the dark chocolate and coconut.  Oh and by the way, each donut is a little over $1!
 Look at those beauties. 
The bottom right are the cinnamon sugar which is a fan favorite.  
Also, don't forget to ask them what the donut of the week is! 
The one on the far bottom left is their Reese's.
I surprised my husband at work with these. 
Imagine how happy they all were (brownie donut points!)

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