Transitioning Seasons

It's been raining here ever since last Wednesday.  Usually when fall starts to creep in, I hold onto my summer things because the weather usually falls back into summer heat.  Lately the crisp hair has been consistent and due to my one-season-at-a-time closet, I was forced to take out my shoes and start bringing in my boots. (That requires an entire trip to Columbia, by the way).  We trucked along this past Sunday to go swap out my wardrobe and now I have two very large bags of things that need to be packed away into the closet (bleh!) not to mention my husbands' as well.  Have you ever gone through your things from the previous year and wonder why you would ever buy something like that? Yeah, I'm going through that right now... so not only do have tons of things to put up, I have tons of things I need to get rid of as well (+ lots of shopping).  I'm hoping for brighter weather within this week so there's a reason to actually spend some time outside.  It's hard getting some motivation when it's yucky outside. 
fall shoe dreams: 
russell & bromley
stuart weitzman
aquazzura by edgardo osorio

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