My First Panthers Game

Sunday was perfect. My dad and brother came to town to watch the Panthers vs. Texans game with my sister.  Conveniently enough, my husband is also a die-hard Panthers fan, so when he heard that the family was coming to town to watch it live he wanted to join in.  It's still so crazy to me that yesterday was my first game ever. Ever since Carolina was granted an NFL team, my brother bled Carolina blue.  Fall Sundays at our house were filled with yelling, chanting, and screaming at TVs to the point where you could literally feel the walls shake.  We celebrated them to the Superbowl in 2003, and continued to support them throughout the years as a team.  But yesterday, was still my first game ever.  Once I entered the stands a rush of adrenaline went through my system that I hadn't experienced since my last football game senior year at USC. I was so happy to have witnessed such a great game that resulted in a win.  I'd like to think my attendance had something to do with that...
^The most special part: spending it with my dad, sister, brother, and H^
^AND he caught me a shirt!^

^Celebrating our win!^

PS: We took the rail trail! Thank God we explored on it last week.

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