Mac's Speed Shop | Charlotte, NC

Ever since I moved to this side of town, I've been trying to explore the different restaurants in the area before going to the same place twice.  While that is my ideal way of going out to eat, sometimes we get stuck having to revisit restaurants just for the sake of time.  Mac's Speed Shop is almost walking distance from where I live, and my sister brought me here in evening just to grab a bite before spending a day watching Dance Mom's (we have this thing).  As I've heard, the restaurant is known for the pulled pork (which I don't eat) but I actually do love their chicken on the bone and it sort of serves as a comfort food substitute especially when it's covered in their yummy bbq sauce.
^Outside seating- family style tables^
^Tabasco fried pickles are a real thing!!^
^My sister's go-to order: chicken nachos^
^Beer can chicken with mac & cheese and green bean casserole^
Of course my favorite part is that the restaurant has the perfect view of the sunset.  
So if you'd like to make a trip out here, try and aim for 
the evening so you can enjoy the beautiful colors too.

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