Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

While H was out of town on business, I went back home to Columbia, SC to visit my parents for the weekend.  It was nice to spend some quality time with them (as it always is), and it was one of the firsts visits I've made alone ever since I got married. In the Carolinas we are pretty accustomed to getting our fair share of each season, with the exception of summer sometimes dragging out into the months that are considered autumn. Yesterday morning I woke up to join my parents outside for coffee and it was the first time that I paid attention to the actual day that the season changed. I believe yesterday, September 13th, was our first day of fall. The humidity of the day before had magically disappeared and there was a crispness in the air that I hadn't felt since the previous year.  It was a nice feeling to acknowledge the beginning of a transition. I feel as people, we tend to veer our focus away from little details like the beginning of a new season.  It handicaps us and makes us disabled to appreciate moments as they come.  I think it's a skill that everyone should take the time to learn.
As for how this change of season affects me: Well, I'm pretty (okay, VERY) upset that avocados will be transitioning out of my life, especially because I've put them on EVERYTHING this summer. My days off at the pool will now become days off watching Netflix, and my Birkenstocks will have to hide back away until the weather is more appropriate.  I hate when I buy all the cool on clearance sale things at the end of summer and then I am unable to utilize them until the following year.  Good news though: scarves are coming back (which excites me!) as well as hot cocoa and pumpkin everything.  It's time to switch the focus off of berry filled desserts to marshmallows and pecans and cinnamon (my favorite!) I can't believe it's the start of fall. This time last year was the beginning of so many great things, it's hard to not look at the ending of summer as the ending of it all.  But, we must always believe that great things are to come- so bring it on, year!

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