Exploring the Rail Trail

We have a New York familiar seen in Charlotte.  A rail trail that takes you from the south side all the way to uptown.  Ever since we moved to this area in May, we never took advantage of the rail trail that picks up and drops up just a few feet away from our house.  We have been so accustomed to just hopping in our car and driving a few miles down the road where we get stuck having to look for parking (not to mention pay for it) and then continue to walk to our final destination.  Last night, H and I decided to conquer the rail trail.  He wanted to "get lost" and walk around the town trying to figure out how to utilize this extremely convenient mode of transportation so we would know how to make use of it when we were functioning with a larger crowd. We spent the night riding the train to the city (our stop landed right in front of the place where we got married!) and then continued the journey by walking around.  We ended up spending some time at the Dandelion Market and just got to catch up on our day. You know, we take for granted little opportunities like the one we had yesterday. Nobody walks anymore, nobody enjoys being outside unless its daytime.  It was nice to get a feel for the city in a different light. It was kind of like taking adventure in a place we already knew.

I have some fun things in store this weekend & for next week!
Happy Friday!
(Go and take an adventure!)

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