Brazilian Meals with H

One of the best parts about traveling to a place with so much culture is experiencing the different kinds of foods that we wouldn't be exposed to in America.  Our honeymoon to Brazil exceeded our expectations when it came to food, but my absolute favorite thing to do was go on little dates with H.  After the first couple of days, I started to take photos of him at restaurants because it was so important to me to document our first trip together (doing one of my favorite things... eating).  For my enjoyment on this Wednesday, I bring to you the many photos of H while we were eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Rio de Janeiro.
^^This was our first night. We went to a little restaurant right beside our hotel where they insisted we try the crab meat stuffed in a seashell.  We were both really excited (and it was really, really good)
^^If anyone knows my husband personally, you know it's almost impossible to get him up in the morning. He could sleep for 10+ hours a night if he could. So you'll be seeing a few photos of him at breakfast, and just for fun, a photo below of his absence so he could catch some extra z's.

^^Fun fact: Almost all restaurants in Rio have a wifi name of their restaurant, and a password of either the name of their restaurant, or the the name of the restaurant with a "1" at the end.
^^I think the roles are reversed. 
I always ask for coffee, and he always asks for green tea.
^^"Oh my God I'm so tired why did she wake me up for this"

^^Again, looking for wifi.  But this time at one of the most terrible restaurants I've ever been to! Sushi in Brazil is not the smartest move.
^^This was a fun little place for dessert, where we had a delicious ice cream sundae.  He's smiling because I broke a glass on the ground and was so totally embarrassed about it. All the people at the cafe kept trying to tell me "it's okay" in Portuguese. 
^^We actually Facetime-d family and friends here on this little
restaurant on the side corner of the street.
^^"OOOOhhh did Lebron just make that free throw?!"
(Yes, we watched NBA games out of the country. PS: They pronounce Lebron as "Leh-bron" with a roll of the R and extra french-like)
^^"Really!? Still?!" 
This time it was 5 AM because he took me on a surprise trip to an island. Still hilarious.
^^"I'll have the $12 filet mignon which I didn't even know existed" 
You guys, it's real. Under $15 and the best steaks I've ever had hands down.
^^He's probably looking up what to eat on Yelp. 
My husband is an active yelper (yes, sometimes he adds his two cents in as well)
Until next time!

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