A Wedding + A Day in Greenville, SC

This past labor day weekend was spent in Greenville, SC where I watched one of my best friends' relatives get married to the love of her life (their love story is amazing).  It was such a significant event attending as a newly wed couple, as it was our very first time going to a wedding together since ours. Their ballroom was decorated in beautiful linens and centerpieces, but the most special part of their big day was the way they incorporated our culture and their passion for our country.  Palestine (and the issues surrounding it) has been such a sensitive topic for years.  Unfortunately, most of the time the discussion is about tragedy and all of the sacrifices and losses the country has experienced.  That was the beauty behind their day.  The manner in which they took something that is usually so focused on tragedy and transforming it into something so beautiful.  Each table was assigned a city in Palestine, encompassing all of their guests' home towns and included a small excerpt of the history behind the city for those who were unfamiliar.  The event was sprinkled with cultural dances and candle walks, and the icing on the cake was the elegant bride getting married to her soul mate.  I am so thankful to have witnessed such a monumental moment (with my husband and best friends) to such an inspiring love story.
^We stayed at The Westin downtown.  A great hotel with an antique feel
^Stopped at one of our favorite spots- Dean & Deluca for lunch
^Cupcake place in Greenville! The Chocolate Moose
^ This handsome guy.
Labor day last year was crazy (I didn't write about it) because it was the first time that H went to talk to my father about asking for my hand in marriage.  It's so strange to think that we have already made it to the first event that is riding on the one year anniversary of our love story.  Maybe that's another reason why this wedding was special.  It was witnessing someone else begin their beautiful journey that marked the one year for us. Time is flying. 

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