Wedding Wishes: Registry

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After last year's craziness with school, moving, and planning a wedding, I thought of an idea on beginning a series called 'Wedding Wishes' where I will talk about things I wish I knew while I was planning my wedding.  This will include tips, do's and don'ts, and steps to practice self-care so that you really don't go insane.  One of the first events I encountered while being engaged was registering for gifts that I wanted to receive at my bridal shower and on my wedding day.  I was so excited. Put me in a place where I am essentially allowed to go on a shopping spree for kitchen stuff, and I will be the happiest girl in the world.  What I didn't know was how much time it took, and how many decisions I had to make (e.g. stainless steel or cast iron?) that I knew nothing about. Now that my wedding is over, I'm so grateful for all the things I did register for and receive.  There wasn't much I had to buy afterwards, but there were a few times I found myself saying "dang it, why didn't I register for that?"
1. A Kitchen Tool Set: I did actually register for this, but I included it on this list because it is something I am so glad I put on my registry. No need to look for a potato peeler or can opener, just get a set.
2. Hammer, screw driver, and wrench: Never in a million years did I think to register for hardware tools, but there have been so many times where I need a screw driver to fix something.  It's just one of those things you assume will already come in your house (hint, hint: it doesn't)
3. A spice rack: I love the idea of having a set of spices in the house, especially these racks that let you refill the spices once you run out if you register for them online.  Only tip: make sure to read the spices that come in it.  You don't want to receive a gift of spices that you rarely use. 
4. Oven mitts: I forgot about these, and burned my hands quite a few times until I found time to go back and buy some. 
5. A cutting board: I didn't register for these, but thank God people got them for me anyway! 
6. Measuring cups: Good for rice, baking, and everything.
7. A nice set of knives: I love my knifes (I know that's a little weird...) Don't settle on just the ones that come with the silverware set. 
8. Electronic kettle: I registered for an electronic coffee maker, but I still use my electronic kettle.  Whether it be for boiling water in recipes or making a quick cup of tea.
9. Sponges: You'd be surprised, just put them on the registry so you don't have to buy them. 
10. A sink sponge holder: This is something that never crossed my mind to put my registry.  I didn't realize I needed one until after the first night that dishes started piling up on top of my sponges. 
11. A tape measure: You think you won't need one, but you will. Maybe if you're lucky you can register for hardware tools that include a tape measure.

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