Wedding Wishes: Color Scheme

Most people don't realize how much colors impact a wedding.  When they begin their planning, they just choose their two favorite colors without considering all of the components as a whole.  It's easy to say "I always wanted to use purple" but there are some logistics in selecting the colors for the big day in order for the flow of the wedding to be consistent.  Surprisingly enough, I had no idea what I wanted my wedding to look like.  I didn't have any colors in mind or even a slight bit of inspiration to work off of. After dividing and categorizing a few things on paper, I really got to narrow down the color options and match them with the total look that I was trying to achieve.  I really stand by these steps, as they considered every detail and provided the overall look of our venue we were trying to achieve.
Four different venues with four different aspects to consider.  If you're in an area that is carpeted (1 & 4) take into consideration the color of the carpet.  Not to mention the color of the walls. You don't want your colors to clash with those making the aura "too loud".  Keep in mind you probably don't want to go with a neutral either because you don't want the entire focus of the room to be on the carpet.  My wedding venue's carpets were purple with a hint of red and gold.  Which is what made me highlight those colors to complete the look.  Other venues like 2 & 3 can be used as blank canvases (meaning anything is possible!)
Consider the kind of mood you're going for.  Are you thinking more English tea party (photo 1) or romantic royalty (photo 2).  Both above are pictured in a ballroom, but look completely different because of the extra color of the up lighting.  The lighter colors are going to provide with a light, whimsical, and rustic look; while jewel tones provide extra drama.
Flowers are a huge part of a wedding.  What I didn't know was to research the type of flowers that were in season the time of my wedding, pick the types that were my favorited, and THEN figure out what colors they came in.  This step is really helpful when it comes to planning a wedding on a budget too, because it gives you an idea on how much you will spend on flowers (ps; it's not cheap).  I love the guide above because it categorizes the flowers, seasons, and colors for you.
Finally, I think this is a very important component that contributes to the movement of a room or event.  I personally would not pick more than 3 bold colors for a theme, but if you decide to go with 3 or more I would consider choosing a neutral as a "backdrop".  Colors only stand out when they are placed on top of neutrals.  Oranges, reds, purples... either of those stand out stronger when they are placed on white or ivory.  Metallic colors also have bold statements (golds, silvers, rose golds) and they need something to tone down the colors that have been chosen.  When in doubt, always start with a neutral and then build upon that.  I chose pearl and ivory as my neutrals, accented with metallic gold, and then used red as the main focus.

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