Toast of Dilworth | Charlotte, NC

When I used to be a tourist in Charlotte, I always attempted to get a table at Toast of Dilworth for brunch on Saturday or Sunday (it is ALWAYS packed).  I never found the patience to actually sit and wait for over an hour for my table, so this place was always on my must-taste places of Charlotte.  Last weekend, my Saturday morning began in the afternoon... which meant brunch time began around 2-3.  As a friend and I were thinking of places to try for the first time I remembered Toast, and because of our late start, thought we would be able to catch a table before it closed (we did! it closed at 3!)

^^Cali Benny^^
I never order eggs benedict, but when I saw the combination of avocado and tomato I knew I couldn't resist. Ya'll. Hash browns. Amazing.
^^Crepe Special (+ scrambled eggs)^^
This is kind of like getting an egg and pancake combination (for a sweet and salty feel) but with a sweet citrus filling inside of a crepe. Also, hashbrowns again. and again, and again.
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That goes for the events and the shopping (hehe)

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