Summer Family Cookout

Summers in the Carolina's usually last until mid September, but I'm starting to feel a hint of breeze in the air as of lately.  After a semi-chilly night spent on our rooftop, we knew that we needed to spend some time outside before the weather changed completely.  This past weekend was spent out in the sun, where it began laying by the pool with a friend and ended with a delicious family cook out back in Columbia (my parents are home!) Some of my favorite days are spent by water with the family.  It's nice to have some time to sit and be mindless (as my husband has perfected... photo below) but it's also bittersweet because it felt like we were saying goodbye to summer.  I still can't believe it's August (MID-August) and we are fast approaching almost 3 months of being married.
Lovin' on my sweet grandma
You guys, I think I've perfected guacamole & grilled corn.
Recipes for both will be up soon (once I figure out the proportions)
If you're regular at my house, you know sage tea + hookah is a must.
We taught H our family's favorite card game, and spent nights until 4 AM playing!

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