Lake Days

This past weekend was one that needed an extra day for recuperation.  Between finding new brunch spots, spending time with friends, and traveling, it seemed as if it had lasted much longer than 3 days (which I love!) Yesterday, we headed back to Columbia to spend our Sunday relaxing on Lake Murray.  Not only was it a great time, but it was kind of a monumental one for me as well.  One of the coolest parts about being married is watching the merge of our two lives.  I pretty much grew up in the house and on the lake where we spent our Sunday. My best friend and I used to listen to sad songs, cry, make food, dance, and swim all of the time on the weekends, and it was so nice to see my husband there.  It was almost as if two different time periods had collided. He got to catch a glimpse of my younger self, and that was so special to me. I love days like yesterday. Days where good conversation, delicious food, great company and beautiful scenery comes at such a low cost. I'm so thankful for those days.

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