Five Things

I finally found French Toast Crunch.  You know the feeling when you hear an old song and it takes you to a different time? That's exactly how I felt when I took a bite out of my bowl.  For a brief moment I was transported to my living room in our first house where I could hear my brother and sister arguing over the rest of the milk. While I still prefer Cinnamon Toast Crunch, it's the memory that made me appreciate my new cereal buy. (PS: I found it at Publix!)
This past week my parents were in Greece, and my mom sent me a beautiful 
photo of colorful seashells and rocks spelling out my name.

The newest addition(s) to my dining room.
This beverage dispenser on top of our bar cart (STEAL)
paired with the most beautiful roses that almost resemble peonies.
I decided to spice up citrus water by making it colorful. 
My Monday was spent by the pool just breathing fresh air under some overcast sun.
bottom to top: cherries, grapes, lemons, oranges, strawberries
H and I had a lunch date at Da Vinci's Pizza and really enjoyed
the hole-in-the-wall atmosphere. 
Their pizza was NY style, affordable, AND delicious.