Charlotte Fashion Week

This weekend was completely event-filled as my sister and I got to know Charlotte a little better.  We spent some time at Charlotte's Fashion Seen Ball (as a part of fashion week) and then took some time on Sunday to see what the Southern Women's Conference was all about. After attending New York & Charleston Fashion Week, we felt as if it was almost necessary to see what kind of style and designs Charlotte had to offer. The ball was glamorously decorated.  The set up of the dining room was beautiful... with 70 feet worth of desserts (you know I was all about that). And a slew of fashion shows throughout the night.  It was nice to get dressed up and admire the new local designers of the area.

^^How beautiful is that? It's a dress made out of recyclables! 
^^The set up of the Southern Women's Conference with their
absolutely adorable umbrellas
We actually ended up buying a stove top indoor grill, a few mini bundt cakes, some pimento cheese and cute headbands from Headbands of Hope {read about their cause!}

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