Bad Days

Yesterday was just one of those days. You know which ones I'm talking about... where you're in a bad mood for no good reason and you start looking at every possible decision in your life as half-empty. Yeah, I hate those days. And honestly, I rarely ever share them.  This time I felt it was not only appropriate, but necessary to talk about. The day started off badly. I usually love my mornings but it was like I literally woke up on the "wrong side" of the bed. I was being extremely negative (in particularly about my future) and it was to the point that if someone decided to grant me $1,000 it still wouldn't have done much.  The reason I'm sharing about this today is because it is important to acknowledge these kinds of days too.  A lot of people look at social media (including blogs) and think that it is an excuse to show off your best possible self to the world. I'm here to tell you that is true.  But honestly, who would want to share the worst part of themselves with the world? I know I don't. Especially because I don't want to look back at the collection of photos and memories from my life and remember every bad or sad moment that ever happened to me. Yesterday adjusted my perspective today.  I take photos of "the little things" and don't share such heavy "big things" because looking for happiness is a way of life, not grounds for bragging. Yesterday I sat and sulked for about 2 hours, but after a phone call from H (thank you) I started to get up and get dressed to get things accomplished. The day got a little brighter (although it was storming all day yesterday) and I started to appreciate the small things again. Like my bad day. My bad day that made me realize I had a whole day of relaxation to myself which I begged and pleaded for all last year. So with that said, thank God for yesterday. Because if it didn't happen, who knows how I would be feeling today.
Happy hump day, by the way.
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