Food Trucks + Fun

Every time I tell someone where I moved from, they always give me the sad puppy eyes and say "darling, I'm sorry I know it must've been hard to leave Charleston".  Which is pretty accurate to the way I was feeling when I left it. But sometime last week I was asked the same question and the lady responded with "No way! That's where I'm from! Isn't Charlotte so much better?" and it was the first time that I didn't receive some kind of I-feel-so-bad-for-you answer.  Her eyes lit up when she talked about all of the events and activities that Charlotte had to offer, and while Charleston was pretty (and next to the beach), it lacked the constant business of what Charlotte had to offer. The beginning and end of my weekend highlighted exactly what she talked about.  We spent our Friday eating from food trucks and being with friends and ended our weekend at the pool and an evening at the park.
^^My sister; food truck Friday in southend^^
^^Lobster Mac + Cheese from Ruthie's^^
^^Cherry on top of the weekend^^
PS: Photos from the wedding I attended for a beautiful friend:
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