Five Things

These Charlotte sunrises are really helping fill the void of the ones I loved in Charleston and Columbia. I'm starting to think it's a Carolina-thing that I have blessed to witness everywhere that I've lived (how will I ever part with Carolina?!) I spent last night watching the finale of the Bachelorette (SO excited about the winner) and cooked one of my first meals in my apartment. I'm starting to get the hang of this living with someone new in a new place thing. I'm really starting to enjoy being here.
Photo of me and H last Friday. 
What do you think of his outfit? It's a new look for him... but I'm really loving it.
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I've been daydreaming of my breakfast last Sunday. 
Kale + avocado toast with a grapefruit on the side.  It was a very healthy & nutritious 
breakfast from Park Cafe in Charleston, SC where I used to go all the time as a local.
It's given me inspiration to start making avocado toast as a new Sunday tradition.
Speaking of trips to Charleston, my birthday balloon that my husband gave me
is still lingering around near our bed. I refuse to give it up until it dies completely.
(PS: any fun wall art ideas for over the bed are greatly appreciated)
& finally, donuts. My sister has been on this donut kick for some time now
and will buy an assortment any chance she gets. 
Super dangerous, but also super delicious.