The Oak Table | Columbia, SC

In the heart of downtown Columbia overlooking the state capital, you will find a restaurant on the corner that gives off a luxurious, rustic, and inviting aura.  Not so long ago, one of my best friends and I decided to give The Oak Table a chance, after hearing many great things about Oak Steakhouse in Charleston, SC. As we walked in to get some lunch, we immediately felt welcomed.  The rays of sun were shining in behind the bar and gave a comforting ambiance that one would desire when catching up with a friend over a bite to eat.  The service and food were big contributors to our good experience, but the best part about The Oak Table is what it brings to the city of Columbia. As long as I have been able to remember, Columbia always gave the home-away from home feel but always lacked the benefits of a vibrant downtown area.  That is probably the greatest gift this restaurant gives, and it doesn't hurt that food and atmosphere are also pretty comparable.
 {white truffle grilled cheese with a cobb salad}
Although the grilled cheese was oozing with 3 different kinds of cheese from all directions, the toasted brioche bread tied all the elements together to make a child's favorite an adult indulgence. The cobb salad was a great combination of sweet and savory with the berry balsamic vinaigrette. 
{steak & frites}
The bavette was cooked to temperature, and my friend really enjoyed the tenderness.  The spotlight fell on the truffle fries, that were almost too addicting to stop eating.

We can't wait to go back and give the other options a try 
(with a larger party of course)

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