Six Stages of Wedding Planning

Che from indieBerries is a talented artist who has epitomized the six stages of planning a wedding through cartoons. Each stage could not be more accurate, and it's comforting to know that other people go through the same kind of feelings when they are prepping for their big day. These cartoons in particular are extremely fitting especially because I've been able to identify with every single stage. 
1. The Honeymoon Phase: This phase of your engagement is characterized by feelings of immense love, excitement and sheer happiness. You will continuously be looking at the shiny new bling on your hand and you may also suddenly find yourself looking at the hands of every other woman in a "yeah! me too!" kind of way. (I totally did that... all the time)
2. The Pinterest Phase: You will soon enter a phase of extreme pinning. In order to gather all your wedding inspiration and ideas you will feel the need to Pin ALL the things. You will literally lose days of your life to Pinterest. In this phase you will become so absorbed in the pinterest black-hole that you may even forget that you have a fiancé. Don't worry - he will be fine. (I never knew I could have so many secret boards with so many people.  When there's a free minute, Pinterest is the new go-to)
3. The 'I'm on top of this' Phase: After making a few big wedding decisions and perhaps getting your guest list and save the dates ready to go - you will feel like you are totally on top of this whole "wedding business". Don't be fooled, it won't last long. (This phase made me laugh because I totally went through it last Sunday. After a meeting with the wedding planner, I felt as if everything had been completed and that there was nothing left to do. I spent the entire week not thinking twice about the wedding... and here I am Monday morning, and the rush of busy has started again)
4. The Elopement Phase: Make no mistake - wedding planning is stressful. There will be tears over napkin colors and flower arrangements and you will feel completely overwhelmed with the mountain of stuff you have to think about (not to mention all the family politics). You will begin to wonder why you are doing any of it at all. You will seriously consider elopement as a very viable and completely sane option. (We think about this. Every. Single. Day.)
5. The Nightmare Phase: As your big day draws nearer, you will experience "The Nightmare Phase". Your dreams will be plagued with scenes of you walking down the aisle naked, your wedding venue flooding or armed-drug-lords arriving at your wedding. Your fiancé will sleep straight through this phase. (Not yet... but hopefully NEVER)
6. The Big Day: The BIG DAY has arrived! All the months of planning and preparation will finally come together in your ultimate dream wedding. You and your fiancé will say goodbye to the life of singledom and enter into the awesome adventure that is marriage! 
We'll see how I'm feeling in the next few weeks. 
Hoping you all have a fabulous Monday! 

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