See Ya Later, Charleston

The time finally arrived. 
Thursday sparked the beginning of the monstrous weekend of sorting, packing, cleaning, and saying goodbye to one my favorite cities of all time.  It was difficult to pass by places that I wouldn't be seeing on a daily basis, and more specifically, the beautiful views that I will now only get to experience as a tourist. The city of Charleston has been quite good to me. I spent my entire ride home thinking about the person I was when I first embarked on the journey of graduate school.  What I knew then, how I viewed life, where I thought I would be in regards to friendship, love, and a future.  Charleston has taught me how to be genuinely happy.  I always had the unconditional support of my family and friends all over the world, but Charleston taught me the meaning of happiness in regards to independence.  I was (in a way) forced to live and enjoy moments in front of me as they were happening.  Every time I saw a sunset, I always stopped to enjoy it's beauty.  I tried new foods. I baked. I blogged. I studied. Most importantly, I learned. I came to Charleston as a girl with a bachelor's degree, not knowing anyone in the city other than my room mate.  I left with a master's degree, people who have touched my heart forever, and the gift of knowing that my happiness is always in my hands.  The ending of this journey is only the beginning of another.  While I am so excited for the adventure I am about to begin, it has been hard to give up the life that I love, in a city that will forever live in my heart. Charleston, I love you, and I will miss you dearly.
 To the friends I have made in this beautiful city,
please know that the true explanation of 
 it's beauty is because of all of you. 
To my wonderful best friend Gabby-
You have made this transition almost seamless-
(with packing & eating my favorite foods one last time at midnight)
& because of that, I will be forever & for always grateful for you.
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Six more days!

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