Favorites from The Charleston Farmers' Market

One of my favorite things to do in Charleston is head out to the Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings at Marion Square. You can find just picked produce, hand made jewelry, and fresh squeezed juice, displayed beautifully by local farmers and artisans of the area.  Breakfast and lunch food vendors outline the park with a number of options... and you can grab a bite to eat while watching the live performers at the corner break dance. Each week I try to purchase something new to incorporate it into a {most likely Pinterest} recipe.  While I really enjoy impromptu buys, I always have a list of booths that are my must-stop-by every Saturday. 

Molly & Me Pecans
These are fresh grown, all natural, gluten free pecans that are enhanced with many different types of flavors including: cinnamon sugar, sneaky hot, sweet heat, sugar & spice, and more. The best part? They leave it out so you can have a sample of each before you purchase.
Rio Bertolini's Fresh Pasta Co.
This is probably my favorite stop on Saturdays. Rio Bertolini's sellsfresh cut pasta, gnocchi, and ravioli to over 60 restaurants in the south. The variety of pasta also comes in a variety of flavors which include roasted garlic and chive, spinach, saffron, and squid ink just to name of a few {pictured above} for only $1 a serving.  My favorites, however are the ravioli options that come in the most unique combination of flavors.  I prefer the more savory options. Click here for the complete list.
Ambrose Family Farm
I love this farm because of the different assortment of produce they offer than the farmers around them.  I am very drawn to colors and Ambrose always displays that extra component of visual attraction that can go into food. I love buying my heirloom carrots and rainbow chard from them. I love this recipe by the way.
King of Pops
Three adventurous brothers came up with the idea of making popsicles from fresh ingredients off the coast of Central America. Check out all of those options up there! New ideas show up every week, and they cross off the list pretty fast- so the earlier you go, the better.
The Waffle Cafe
My most recent visit to the Farmers' Market was my first time trying The Waffle Cafe. I decided to order their waffle on a stick in blueberry, and it was the perfect sweet treat to start my day. The toffee one on the list looks like my next order.
Oh Charleston. I'm going to miss you.