It's 9:15 AM and I'm tired.
This is how my weekend view was-- especially yesterday. The entire day was spent doing case formulations while still trying to answer emails and find the time to eat. It's starting to get a little crazy on this side, but surprisingly it's been enjoyable. The sun has been shining and while it's still freezing outside, it's nice to see the blue sky for a change. I wonder what life will be like when I'm no longer in school. Will I be able to sit still? I always wonder if I'm going to have that constant spark in me that tells me that I need to be doing something. I've realized a good majority of my thoughts have been future oriented. 61 more days until the wedding. It's odd to put a number on change, but 61 has a great deal of meaning to me. So much change is coming my way, the place where I live, who I will live with, new surroundings, and the freedom of not having to attend classes anymore. I've never been really good with change, but this kind is quite thrilling to me. As I write this 20 page paper on the influences of our thoughts, I've started to realize the impact mine have on me.

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