Sugar Factory | Miami, FL

When I travel I'm usually the go to guru when it comes to finding the best places to eat.  Due to my eccentric taste in food, I always attempt to find restaurants and little eats that are a "must go" in the city we are exploring.  Because our trip to South Beach was a surprise, my sister and best friend were in charge of calling the shots on food (some of them were repeats from our last visit). One morning they took us to The Sugar Factory, a place where candy filled drinks and endless options of crepes, pancakes, and french toast are a real thing.
^Veggie Omelet^
^Sugar Factory Eggs Benedict^
^Angels in Heaven Waffle^
{& yes that is exactly what it was}
^Spinach and Egg White Omelet^
Needless to say, another "must go" has been added to Miami's list.  Sitting right on Oceans Drive, it gave us the perfect opportunity to transition from brunch to beach.

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