Five Things

{Beautiful flower display coming down the escalator at MIA}
I had one of the most relaxing weekends of my life.  Work, wedding, and school were put on hold, and it was nice to have that extra time to squeeze in the third season of House of Cards after my beach getaway last weekend.  Because my wedding is so close, I've really started to appreciate the moments that I have alone. 2015 is speeding by and I have the tendency to speed by with it when I don't give myself a break. While today is the beginning of being busy once again, the rejeuventation of the weekend will be turned into motivation for this upcoming week. Happy Monday!
{Crushing on infusions of rosemary and cranberry}
{I said farewell to sunsets last September.. they are back!}
{Nutella-almond-banana crêpes are surprisingly easy to make at home}
{My rhine stone studded cup that my sister & best friend bedazzled by hand}