Super Bowl 2015

Super Bowl Sunday is always a big event (see last year).  The moment it was decided that it was going to be hosted at our house again was the same moment I had to make time to come home again.  Our night was spent with tons of family, friends, and (what seemed to be) an unlimited amount of food.  My dad is always big on the football pool and last night we were all glued to the TV to see who won each quarter.  This year was really special to me as well, because it was another event added to the list of family events that H was able to attend.  It's weird to see him around all of the people I've talked about so often, but I'm so happy the transition is going smoothly.

^My little food helper (who is not so little anymore)

^The new besties in the family^
Lucky for him, he was also the winner of the final score of $200 in the pool.
There are extra perks of coming to our parties, you know.

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