Popcorn Frenzy

Movies are never a distant hobby to me. Whether I'm visiting my parents back home or friends in another city, I always find time to make it to the movies.  Due to my hectic schedule this past year, I've been really behind on catching the award worthy hits on screen (which I definitely noticed after watching the Golden Globes last weekend).  Since yesterday acted as our Sunday, my room mate and I decided to catch a double feature at the theatre. Sour patch kids are usually my movie sweet treat, but to celebrate our lazy holiday, I created some quick and easy popcorn alternatives to satisfy our cravings. 

1 spoon of Nutella + 1 spoon crunchy peanut butter
Mix together and temper in microwave
stirring every 15 seconds.
Pour it over the popcorn on parchment paper
& gently toss so it coats evenly
Let it air dry or toss into the freezer
until the chocolate hardens.
*The oilier the peanut butter, the longer to dry

Handful of white chocolate chips
and less than a tablespoon of butter.
Toss into the microwave and temper for 15 seconds mixing inbetween.
Pour over the popcorn
Gently toss together to get an even coat.
Add in your favorite sprinkles (mine are nonpareils)
& make sure to toss them when the white chocolate
is still melted so they stick.
Last but not least (my personal favorite)...

1 heaping tablespoon of marshmallow fluff
in the microwave for 10 seconds
(Same process)
Pour over popcorn and coat evenly
Toss in a few graham crackers
& chocolate chips...
Take a little bit of milk chocolate
and melt to drizzle on top.
This helps keep all of the components together.

And there you have it! A beautiful and tasty masterpiece.