NailSnaps: Instagram to Nail Art

Whether it be a classic look from Chanel or an actual picture of oompa loompa's from Willy Wonka, nail art has really made a name for itself these passed few years. Living in a small town, it hard to come across a manicurist who has the ability (& stable hand!) to create a design of my choosing.  Lately I've been making trips to drug stores to find nail stickers that add a little something extra to basic nails, but the creativity is still lacking.  Cue in this app: my love for Instagram +  need for nail umph.  NailSnaps combine our favorite photo outlet with the opportunity to turn our priceless photos into sticker nail art! 

This new app works by letting you upload pictures using different parts of the photo and assigning them to each finger.  The template is created allowing you to print out your own designs into stickers that can last up to a week or longer.

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(Available in the App store)

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