Favorite Perfumes

I love perfume.  There aren't many things in life that can transport you to another time or memory with a single smell. The weird part is I don't care to purchase it for myself.  I tend to huff and puff when I receive a set as a gift, but that is the only way I can justify spending money on some. I'm super picky when it comes to choosing a fragrance that really suits my personality (I tend to lean towards floral scents like jasmine and gardenia)  and it gets difficult to differentiate what smells good at the mall when presented with such a vast majority of options.  It's nice to have a go-to guide of what I personally really enjoy as fragrance.  Here are my top 5 favorites as of lately:
1. Acqua di Gioa by Giorgio Armani
2. Live Colorfully by Kate Spade
3. Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren
4. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet by Christian Dior
5. Euphoria by Calvin Klein  

I'm working on finding a new perfume to wear on my wedding day so I can 
use it as my 'something new'.  Any suggestions? xo