The Happiness Project: Celebrate Yourself

Self-confidence is defined as a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgement. Research has shown that individuals with self-confidence focus on growth and improvement in life.  When bad days come around, we tend to forget all of our good qualities and start focusing on why things aren't going the way we'd like them to. There's something to be said about celebrating ourselves. While it's difficult to come up with all of our awesome qualities when things aren't going our way, it's nice to have them lying around for when we need a pick-me-up.  Here are three things that I really like about myself, and I have no shame to brag about.

I have really good 'fake' calligraphy
Lots of people have asked me where I bought my wedding pages from...
Little do they know, I made them myself
After LOTS of trial and error, I've gotten a good
handle on how to pair different ingredients together when it comes to sweets.
Some of the more advanced desserts still cause me trouble,
but after all the practice, I can probably mask the mistake well.
I have a tendency to turn all things boring to all things colorful.
I've mastered the art of adding color to school and staff meeting notes.

"I celebrate myself, and sing myself."
-Walt Whitman