CO | Charleston, SC

The Vietnamese food game is surprisingly big in Charleston.  From street food restaurants to food trucks, you can usually find your Vietnamese fix at any event you attend.  One place in particular comes highly recommended that incorporates Eastern flavors and fuses them by adding a modern twist. While it seems like a smaller restaurant, their upstairs can accommodate bigger crowds, and we usually make a pit stop there to eat before events. From bahn mi to broth noodle pho's, Co is a nice place to grab a bite and take a break from the excessive shopping on King St.  
^ Beef Pho noodles with my favorite
fused flavors of cilantro and scallions
^ Hanoi Noodles that add a touch of curry
along with a nice array of veggies

If you decide to order one of the pho dishes, they give you a nice take home
container so you can eat the leftovers at home!
*One of my favorites: Curry Laksa with coconut broth*

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