The Happiness Project: Clichés

Everyone in my friend group makes fun of me. They say that the moment I wake up, I become Snow White singing to the birds. They are always so amazed with how I'm so content with the idea of waking up, and that I could almost run on no sleep. I just love mornings. They're like a reset button. They give us something that we couldn't give ourselves, and that's time.  Sometimes it takes time to heal hearts, and wounds, and because of that I just love the mornings. Although it sounds like that was taken right out of a Disney biography, what are some of your favorite clichés that make you happy? My list goes on, and on, and on.
Mornings spent at the beach watching the sunrise come up
is totally worth it.
Big bouquets of balloons.
I always wanted to go to Africa.
I always feel like the best rainbow photos are taken there.
Streamers, and confetti, and all things that sparkle.
Flowers. All kinds, every single kind.
Desserts. But especially cupcakes and macarons
and things that look so amazing in a picture that
you need to have it at that very instant.