Monday Reflections

Everything has been so fast-paced lately. Time always seems to fly by, but when did it all of a sudden become Thanksgiving week? So much has happened since my birthday (although it seems like the other day). I'm nearly completing one of my final semesters in graduate school & I got engaged. Not to mention it's been over two months since New York Fashion Week. It's even been overwhelming to think that I've been living in this beautiful city for almost 3 years. These little things are so important to notice. It takes all of the pressure from looking into the future and re-focusing on what's happening right now. Now is what becomes the past, and what we look back on when we get to the future. So as far as right now, Monday, I'm dealing with the fact that my Keurig broke. My french press was found hiding back in the cupboard, but it's refreshing to indulge in Illy coffee again (thanks Abir).  I'm still trying to get over why the Hunger Games trilogy was divided into 2 parts (it wasn't needed), and I'm contemplating what kind of recipes I'm going to test-make for Thanksgiving. This break is my time to move in slow motion. To really enjoy everything that has happened so far (because they have all been great things!) and realize that my time in this city is limited. As this year starts coming to a close, I really hope to keep living in the moment. To acknowledge the wonderful things as they happen, and to be able to look back and know I lived with appreciation. 
(PS; As you can see, I started watching Girls. It's a
replacement for the love I have for Sex and the City)